JICA report August 2010, in Cambodia poverty line in 2007 was 3092 Riels (0.76 US Dollars) per capita per day – Explain

  • Poverty line – sum amount of food and non-food required by a person per day in order to meet a minimum standard of living (such as food, health, education, clothes,¬†shelter…). This amount then is converted into money that can buy these things.
  • Poverty line 3092 Riels in 2007 in Cambodia means that every day a person needs to find at least 3092 Riels to buy food and non-food in order to meet the minimum living standard otherwise he/she is considered as poor.
  • Reflect the rate of the poverty line in Cambodia, how many percents of people live under the poverty line in Cambodia (NSDP 2014-2018)


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