3 Types of management authority

There are 3 types of management authority such as:


  • Authority is based on the personality and dynamism of the leader.
  • Seen as a superman: political leaders, eg: revolutionary movement-Napoleon, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Castro, etc. Five qualities of charisma: self-confident, inspirational, articulate, revolutionary and supportive.
  • Problem is succession-unlikely to be another charismatic to take over, abuse of power?


  • Authority is based on precedent and loyalty, family business, monarchy, feudalism or patrimonialism, dependent on lord or leader, authority is fixed by custom.
  • Problems: eg. promotion due to favoritism notability, decisions made on basis of what we’ve always done.


  • Rational-like a machine with all parts working together to achieve specific goals.
  • Legal-authority based on rules and procedures.
  • Perfect structure not weakened by the unpredictability of charismatic leader or traditional policies that are no longer efficient, rules and procedures are kept is all important.
  • Problems: basic of public sector bureaucracies, red tape, centralization of services inefficiency.

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