3 Best Website Load Test

Website load test is an easy way to know how long your visit spend second on your website to open a one article. We would recommend you not to use theme or plug in too much design that cause your website speed down. As we can know website load duration it effect to SEO that it would compare to other website. If your website have a good content but it load slower than other competitor search engine gonna drop your website down from rank list.

PageSpeed Insight-Website load test

PageSpeed Insight is power by Goolge. You just past link of your website or website post to it to received both result in mobile and desktop. it provide 6 main points:

  • Field Data
  • Origin Summary
  • Lab Data
  • Opportunities
  • Diagnostics
  • Pass audit

GT metrix-Website Load Test

GT metrix also other best website speed test that it result summary two main point are Performance sore and Page Detail.

For below detail section it have 6 main points:

  • PageSpeed
  • YSlow
  • Waterfall
  • Timing
  • Video
  • History

Pingdom-Website Load Test

Pingdom is other trust able website load test too that it have a few option to select a few different server to make use to change by where they want to test. Pindom privide 4 summaries result are Performance grade, Page size, Load times and request.

For detail section it are 5 main points:

  • Improve page performance
  • Respond Code
  • Content size by content type
  • Request by content type
  • file requestion


I would recommend you to test your website at least monthly to make sure that it not drop to much that it can cause bad to your traffic.

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